Crafting solutions 

for youth business success

Unlocking Youth Entrepreneurship

We are so pleased that you are interested in joining us for this interactive discussion on how to create lasting impact for youth business.

Fetola CEO and host, Catherine Wijnberg, will guide an engaging discussion with:

  • Real time insights from Fetola’s successful business accelerator models
  • Guest speaker – a couragious youth entrepreneur and Fetola alumni
  • Youth business leaders – from startup to transformation

Together we can rapidly transform the landscape of youth entrepreneurship and build an inspiring, resilient future that meets the needs of Africa.

Register to join other sector leaders and be part of the solution in laying the foundations for youth business success.

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About the host:

Catherine Wijnberg is a powerful advocate for change: for women, entrepreneurs, South Africa and the planet. She is the Director and Founder of Fetola, and a thought leader on small business development, sustainability and circularity, with a passion for effecting scalable impact at the ecosystem level.

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