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Sustainability, Small Business and the Circular Economy

We are so pleased that you are interested in joining us for this dynamic conversation about the future of South Africa’s business landscape.

Driving Africa's Circular Economy

Can we combat poverty while advancing sustainability? How can the UN sustainable development goals benefit Africa’s small businesses? Is sustainability a first world luxury? For the past decade, Fetola has explored answers to these questions through their sustainability accelerators (through partnerships with JP Morgan, the Embassy of Finland, Nedbank, WWF and others) whilst building small businesses that are both profitable and more circular.

Join us for an empowering dialogue on Africa’s shift towards sustainability and the circular economy, we’ll explore pathways to a greener, more prosperous African future. Learn from industry leaders, gain insights, and discover how you can be part of this transformative journey. Register for our next event


Sustainability, Small Business and the Circular Economy

Sustainability forms a key part of Fetola’s agenda, with circularity being one of the core pillars of our business accelerators. Yet with 6 500 small businesses for every 1 corporate in South Africa, we need to find better ways to scale the transition of small business to more sustainable models if we are to have lasting, meaningful impact. Fetola can’t achieve this alone – we need strategic thinking, collaboration and amplification to create impact.


Speaking to stakeholders with an interest in the sustainability sector, this webinar is a dynamic conversation about the future of South Africa’s business landscape. Join Fetola CEO Catherine Wijnberg as she shares insights from Fetola’s Circular Economy Accelerator and speaks about the circular economy, market demand and green finance in driving positive impact.

About our Host

Catherine Wijnberg is the small business growth guru, and a powerful advocate for change, for entrepreneurs, for South Africa and for the planet. As CEO and Founder of Fetola she is continually seeking new and greener ways to solve unemployment, inequality & poverty. Fetola does this by helping entrepreneurs start and grow successful businesses, making the world a better place by building businesses that last.

In the interactive webinar we will explore

  • RIs it possible to contribute to a healthier climate and simultaneously stimulate economic growth and employment through small business development?
  • RIf sustainability is both a social imperative and a business opportunity, we need innovative discussions to scale up for lasting, generational impact.
  • RThe pressing need for innovative discussions amongst strategic leaders on how to scale for meaningful impact.

Top 3 reasons for sector leaders to attend:

  • RGain unique insights from Fetola’s world-class circular economy accelerators for African entrepreneurs
  • RIdentify solutions for key challenges
  • RFind solutions for lasting economic and social impact

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