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The Emotions of Money for Small Business

Master your money and unlock your potential.
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The Emotions of Money for Small Businesses

Money is not just about the bank balance but is strongly connected to emotions too. Do you wish to change your financial fortunes? Join our webinar as we unpack what drives your relationship with money and how you can empower yourself to become more successful.

Event Details

Start: June 5, 2024 1:00 pm

End: June 5, 2024 2:00 pm

Event: The Emotions of Money for Small Business

Unlock Your Growth

Whether the attitudes are good or bad, we all have a deep-seated relationship with money. Do you avoid anything to do with your finances? Maybe you feel more money will solve all your problems? Do you equate your “self-worth” to your “net-worth“. Understanding your in-built attitude to money will help you discover your blind spots, position you to choose healthier behaviours and set you up for business success. 

“Everyone has as much money as they think they deserve”,  
Fetola Founder and CEO, Catherine Wijnberg 

In the webinar you will:

  • RLearn how to educate yourself about your money attitudes
  • RLearn how to manage money more wisely
  • RLearn how to overcome the blocks that work against your business success

About our Host

Nadine October, Fetola’s Programme Lead for Business Incubation, possesses an exceptional talent for fostering the personal and professional growth of entrepreneurs. Passionate about people development, she brings extensive cross-sector experience to the table. Nadine has been an entrepreneur herself and has accumulated many years of experience in the local retail industry as well as the international oil and gas sector. She holds a BTech in Human Resources Development, showcasing her strong foundation in both technical and interpersonal skills. Nadine is an outstanding Programme Manager with a unique gift for both people and business management.

About our Guest Speaker

Mark Johnson (MBA) draws on over 30 years’ across the corporate world, mostly in the financial services sector, as well as the small business, NGO and Government sectors. For more than a decade he provided entrepreneurial mentoring and lecturing, facilitating the Colour Accounting Financial Literacy workshop across the continent and internationally. He has an engaging story-telling style that inspires discovery learning that will leave attendees empowered with their own confidence and owning their learnings.

About our Guest Speaker

Dimakatso Mbatha, Founder of DL Consulting, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey inspired to make an impact in her community. Whilst initially she faced challenges in business management and financial planning, today she is recognized by PETCO as the best female-owned waste collection company. Recently graduated from the SAB Foundation Tholoana Programme, an 18-month business accelerator powered by Fetola, the environmental specialist and pastor found transformative support through both her mentor and Fetola’s financial management workshops, key components of the Tholoana Programme. 

Top 3 reasons for Entrepreneurs to Attend:

  • RDiscover your money personality & what you can do about it
  • RUnderstand the limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • RGain insights on how to grow your business

Top 3 reasons for Sector Leaders to attend:

  • RGain a deeper understanding of the money attitudes that drive entrepreneur behaviours
  • RBy understanding you own money beliefs you will be better placed to engage around this complex area with your own SMEs
  • RLearn to appreciate why a significant number of entrepreneurs struggle with their business finances and accounting

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