Unlock growth

with Fetola Funding

For the past two decades Fetola’s accelerator programs have been the driving force behind the growth of small businesses. Acknowledging the formidable hurdle that access to funding poses for entrepreneurs in furthering their growth path, Fetola has taken strides to broaden our support mechanisms.

Through strategic collaborations with partners, we’ve curated funding opportunities that include investment and financing options that are tailored to small business. Elevate your potential with Fetola for a brighter, more prosperous future.

Nedbank Green Economy Fund

The future of South Africa’s green economy

The Nedbank Green Economy Fund is a groundbreaking R10 million grant initiative aimed at propelling promising green, circular, and sustainability-focused businesses in South Africa towards unprecedented success. Launched through collaboration between the Nedbank Social Development Fund and Fetola, this initiative stands as a beacon for the future of South Africa’s green economy.

Fetola SME Fund

Fast-tracking the pathway for sustainable business

Fetola’s SME Fund is an innovative impact-first loan fund that aims to drive inclusive economic growth by catalyzing the long-term success of small businesses that are generating positive social and environmental outcomes in South Africa.

Financing For Impact Fund

Affordable financing for SAB Foundation Alumni

The Financing For Impact Fund is a commercial fund that is available exclusively to SAB Foundation Alumni. The fund aims to unlock affordable financing for qualifying entrepreneurs that have graduated from the SAB Foundation Tholoana Enterprise Fund, the Tholoana Enterprise Programme, the Social Innovation and Disability Empowerment Awards, and the Social Innovation Fund looking to grow their businesses and create jobs.

Our Funding Partners

By partnering with innovative companies and organisations that share our vision, we’ve been able to multiply our impact.