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No single person or organisation can build a thriving economy alone. Join leaders in the sector who are building a thriving ecosystem of multiplying impact.

As development practitioners, Enterprise Support Organisations (ESO) and SME service sector providers, our work is critical to the economic and social future of the country. Yet no single person or organisation can build a thriving economy alone. This huge task requires us to work smarter and more efficiently and one way to do this is by building collaborations that make business sense. 

As part of this collaborative strategy, we invite high value leaders to contribute your thinking to our ecosystem through our various webinars, surveys and free scorecards. Doing so will  add your valued contribution to help build a picture on current trends, challenges and opportunities -thereby contributing to a shared resource and strengthening of our collective ecosystem.


Old friends and new collaborators

Join leaders in the sector

What’s in it for you?

Be at the forefront of change

Prioritised invitation to future ecosystem events

Access to insights on sector trends, challenges and opportunities

Join our ecosystem of sector leaders. By working together we can find solutions to tackle the biggest challenges in South Africa (and the continent). If you would also like to take this to the next level and amplify your impact, please contact us for a chat.

Our Partners

Old friends and new collaborators

By partnering with innovative companies and organisations that share our vision we’ve been able to multiply our impact.