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Successful Social Impact InvestingInto Circular Economy Businesses.

Impact report on building a sustainable future
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Leveraging the profitability of the Circular Economy

Small business ecosystems can be both profitable and have less impact on the earth whilst creating inclusive economic growth.

The use of circular economy practices has shown to double revenue growth in comparison to similar businesses. Join our webinar to hear insights on how SMEs achieved this as we discuss learnings from our latest impact report.

Leveraging South Africa’s First Circular Economy Accelerator

There is a misconception in South Africa that circularity is an expensive luxury, but over the past decade Fetola has led the way in pre-empting the shift towards the circular economy by building small businesses that are both profitable and more circular in their sustainability accelerators.

We established the country’s first ever circular economy accelerator designed for small business entrepreneurs (funded by J.P. Morgan, the Embassy of Finland in Pretoria and Nedbank). The learnings that were gained as we refined the accelerator into one that best serves the South African small business environment, and the really remarkable results of the SMEs, has been published in an impact report which we are proud to share with the world as open-source knowledge for the benefit of both business and the planet.

In the interactive webinar you will gain

  • RInsights that will optimise the transition of South Africa’s small business sector to the circular economy
  • RUnlockers to look for in the rapid scaling to a more sustainable and globally competitive economy
  • RConnect with industry leaders in our breakaway sessions

About our Host

Catherine Wijnberg is the small business growth guru, and a powerful advocate for change, for entrepreneurs, for South Africa and for the planet. As CEO and Founder of Fetola she is continually seeking new and greener ways to solve unemployment, inequality & poverty. Fetola does this by helping entrepreneurs start and grow successful businesses, making the world a better place by building businesses that last.

About our Guest Speaker

Isabel du Toit is Fetola’s Sustainability Industries Lead. She leverages over a decade of experience in the enterprise development space with seven years specialising in the circular economy. A passionate advocate for environmental sustainability Isabel brings a unique perspective that prioritizes both economic growth and responsible environmental stewardship, through the circular economy.

About our Guest Speaker

Natasha Pearce, the vibrant force behind Vivacious Eco Vixon, a Cape Town-based zero waste store, is pioneering sustainable living through her soft homeware creations. An alumni of Fetola’s Circular Economy Accelerator (CEA) Natasha is passionate about environmental stewardship and overcame multiple obstacles to transform her business during the accelerator growing in confidence, market and circularity. Today her team converts a staggering 16 tonnes of textile waste monthly into reusable products. Recognized for her impactful work, Natasha has earned the prestigious Nedbank Green Indaba Best Women Empowerment Award and Fetola’s CEA Rocket Fuel Award. 

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