Changing lives for the better, forever.

The Fetola Foundation is an independent non-profit company that fosters job creation and thriving communities through sustainable, social and economic development initiatives.

On a mission to make a sustainable difference

The foundation is committed to making a lasting sustainable difference in South Africa by stimulating and supporting the success of sustainability-focused initiatives. Our focus is on high impact initiatives that significantly change the country for the better through support of promising small businesses lead by youth, women and persons from traditionally marginalised communities.

As specialists in the acceleration of green sector, sustainability and circular economy initiatives, we measure impact in terms of inclusive economic growth, social well-being, job creation and specific sustainability measures as appropriate to the enterprise under acceleration.

The Fetola Foundation partners with leaders in the ecosystem to ensure ongoing agility, best practice and cost-efficiencies.

Let’s build a billion better lives

Our most ambitious campaign to date is a vision to build a billion better lives across Africa. By working together…. we can magnify the impact of our individual effort exponentially, so that we change not just one life, or ten, not just a community or a country, but a whole continent. By working together, we can encourage, inspire and support each other, partner, cross-pollinate and co-invest. We can leapfrog and amplify outcomes. Together we can build a billion better lives and create generational, continental change. 

Are you passionate about having a lasting legacy? Join our community of global leaders and passionate change-makers.

A purpose-led team

Board Members

Dr. Lucy Osborn

Chairperson of the Board –
Non-Executive Director

Dr. Lucy Welford has many years’ experience working in community development and natural resource management in southern Africa.

Image of Catherine Wijnberg. Catherine Wijnberg is the founder and CEO of Fetola.

Catherine Wijnberg

Executive Director

Catherine Wijnberg is a passionate entrepreneur with many years of experience across a range of sectors. As founder of Fetola, she has dedicated the past two decades to helping small businesses reach their full potential.

Amb Raul de Luzenberger

Non-Executive Director

An economist turned diplomat, Amb de Luzenberger began his career advising the Italian Treasury before pursuing academia and publishing extensively. Transitioning to the Economic Directorate of the European Commission and then as an EU diplomat, he served across Europe and Africa, fostering international relations and diplomatic initiatives.

Ingrid Olmesdahl

Non-Executive Director

Ingrid Olmesdahl, Global Director of Alliances at Ogilvy (A WPP Company), has spent her career in global growth roles in a range of technology agencies as well as tech giant Microsoft

Kantha Naicker

Non-Executive Director

Kantha is a Professional Accountant (SA) with over 20 years of professional experience as an entrepreneur, and an accomplished business advisor of private listed firms and SMEs.

Dr Hajira Mashego

Dr Hajira Mashego

Non-Executive Director

Dr Hajira Mashego, Fetola Alumni and winner of the prestigious SAB Foundation Tholoana Award is the Founder of Fitness Junction. She is a resilient and fearless business leader.

Contribute to changing

lives for the better, forever.

The Fetola Foundation is a registered not-for-profit foundation NPC 780/95. We work extensively with local and international foundations, philanthropic organisations and international development agencies.

Our exceptional financial and operational governance frameworks provide a risk-free environment for us to work comfortably on large multi-partner programmes with global organisations such as the EU, Embassy of Finland, J.P. Morgan, SABFoundation, Oppenheimer Foundation (SAFT), Old Mutual and partners such as WWF.

Stringent monitoring and evaluation methods, consistent high value results, continual innovation for optimisation of ROI and ongoing two-way feedback loops ensure lasting value-adding relationships with our top tier partners.

Partner with us

By partnering with innovative companies and organisations that share our vision, we’ve been able to multiply our impact.

Our Partners

Old friends and new collaborators

By partnering with innovative companies and organisations that share our vision we’ve been able to multiply our impact.