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We partner with bold social impact investors and funders to solve unemployment, inequality and poverty by empowering fearless entrepreneurs and the businesses they run.


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Join our ecosystem as we look to solve the triple threat of unemployment, inequality and poverty. Let’s start a conversation.

Fetola Products

We have a broad suite of products that have been carefully curated over the past two decades to suit both the impact investor and the entrepreneur.

Join leaders in the sector who are building a thriving ecosystemof multiplying impact.

Client Engagement Model


Work with our professional SME growth team to co-design an SME accelerator programme that is relevant to your specific needs, including diversity, sector or supply chain priorities, budgets, timelines, scale and target results.


Feel confident in the reliability that proven Fetola methods deliver. Engage with entrepreneurs and follow their journey of growth.


Build your reputation as leaders in the sector and prepare your press release to announce this high-value partnership. Launch the high-profile call for applications to attract the best possible candidates.


Track results via monthly SME individual performance metrics, program updates and stay close to your dedicated Fetola Programme Manager.


Amplify your program reach by celebrating wins and individual awards. Join the Fetola ecosystem of like-minded leaders, support entrepreneurs to access your company or personal ecosystems, and enjoy the experience of being part of our innovative, best practice programmes.


Fetola’s impact on building businesses in South Africa


annual growth in SME turnover

(% change in turnover between quarter one and graduation)


annual growth in SME job creation

(% change between jobs at entry and graduation)


of enterprises surviving over a ten year period

(Calculated across Fetola Alumni 2007 – 2015)

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See the stats, stories and awards linked to the businesses, entrepreneurs and communities that have benefitted from our programmes.

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By partnering with innovative companies and organisations that share our vision we’ve been able to multiply our impact.