We’d love to connect with you.

We’d love to connect with you.

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1st Floor, Block C,
Plum Park, 25 Gabriel Rd, Plumstead, Cape Town, 7800

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066 121 7909


1st Floor, Block C,
Plum Park, 25 Gabriel Rd, Plumstead, Cape Town, 7800


Fetola your future

We’re looking for incredible, driven and passionate people. Just like you.

Graphic Designer

Our ideal applicant should demonstrate a strong creative flair and have a passion for visual design. They should have a unique artistic vision and the ability to think outside the box to create original and innovative designs. Must be proficient in graphic design software and have a solid understanding of design principles, ensuring adherence to Fetola brand guidelines.

Cape Town, Western Cape

Full Time


Frequently asked questions

What does Fetola do?

Fetola works to nurture the growth and sustainability of small businesses and entrepreneurs in Africa. It does this through enterprise development programmes designed to grow both the small business and the people that are responsible for driving their success. To date we have amplified 1000s of businesses through our programmes.

What is Enterprise Development?

Enterprise Development (ED) is the act of supporting a small business to become sustainable and successful.  This is to enable people to earn a living and leads to long-term economic growth for themselves, their families and their communities.

How can you help my business?

Fetola’s programmes are designed to transform your growth potential through 360 degree business support. Whilst the exact nature of this support varies from programme to programme, this may include:


  • Personalized mentorship from experienced mentors
  • Extensive entrepreneurial skills development through in-person and online business training
  • Personalized brand-building interventions
  • Access to peer networks and collaboration opportunities
  • Appropriate access to markets
  • Investment readiness support
  • Opportunity to access grant funding
  • Tools, templates and resources
Can you help me access funding?

Whilst some of our programmes do include grant funding, this varies from programme to programme. Please read more about our programmes here.

When is the next programme opening?

To learn more about our programmes and which are currently open for application click here.

How is an SME selected?

Whilst each programme has different selection requirements, Fetola is always on the lookout for exciting, innovative businesses that are driven by resilient leaders with an appetite for change and growth. Please read more about specific programme requirements here.

Still have questions or need help?

No worries! Send us an email at info@fetola.co.za

Our Partners

Old friends and new collaborators

By partnering with innovative companies and organisations that share our vision we’ve been able to multiply our impact.