Fetola SME Fund

The Fetola SME Fund is a concessionary loan fund for South African SMEs in the Green and Circular economy. An innovative impact-first loan fund, it aims to drive inclusive economic growth by catalyzing the long-term success of small businesses that are generating positive social and environmental outcomes in South Africa. The fund offers operating capital loans from R250 000 – R1 million at growth friendly rates of 7% – 12% per annum, payable over a 2-year period.

Bridging the funding gapfor South African small business

How it works

The objectives of the fund are:

To increase access to finance to SMEs in early stage of their growth;

To provide catalytic financing for innovation where this strengthens the long-term growth trajectory of the business;

To leverage Government, international and private sector investment to small businesses; and

To encourage collaborative ventures with scalable impact


Specifically focused on closing the R250,000 to R1 million funding gap in South Africa in order to provide an accessible financial solution that allows small businesses to flourish significantly shortening the pathway to sustainability and fast-track their success.

Criteria for Entry

  • South African registration
  • Unique product or dependable service
  • Clearly demonstrate a green, circular, or sustainability model
  • Proven traction
  • Viable proof of concept
  • Actively seek investment in the short to medium term
  • Potential to scale

Our Funding Partners

By partnering with innovative companies and organisations that share our vision, we’ve been able to multiply our impact.