Fostering inclusive entrepreneurial growth is no easy task. Building on 13 years experience, Fetola have put together a paper that lays out the key incubation components that empower and educate entrepreneurs, allowing them to grow their businesses and generate job creation.   Read more

It’s almost time for the 2019 ABSA Business Day Supplier Development Awards and to shine a light on the positive impact that big business is having on the economy and on the people of South Africa.

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South Africa’s unemployment rate is one of the highest in the world and the SAB Foundation is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and create jobs with the Tholoana Enterprise Programme implemented by Fetola. Bridgit Evans, Director of the SAB Foundation is passionate about growing the Tholoana Programme and the participants on the programme.

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Fetola CEO and Founder, Catherine Wijnberg, recently asked programme participants, mentors and small business owners what they would do if they were president of South Africa for a day. The responses poured in from all over the country and the responses were overwhelming. Our letter was subsequently published in The Cape Times. Read more

Waste To Wing

Airlines are facing increasing pressure to become more sustainable, yet options to reduce carbon emissions in aviation are limited. Read more