Oh, yeah baby, bring it on!

December is halfway done, and the year a few days from over.  It’s time to breathe in some deep holiday breaths and recharge for 2019. Time to swop the stuffy suits for a swimming cozi and elbow out team talks for cricket, walks on the beach, and braais with family & friends.

I love the South African tradition of ‘total shutdown’ over this season (with apologies to my friends for whom this is the busiest period; your time at the beach will come later).  Research says that holidays of three weeks have a greater impact than little ones, so thumbs up to that!

Personally, my favourite holiday activity is a New Year hike – walking out of one year into the next, shedding the skin of the past as I go. Traditionally one reaches a point around day three when the roles of mother, daughter, employer, partner, etc, fall away, and one is left with the beautiful, liberating question: “Who am I really?”.

This year in my quiet moments I shall be pondering the question: “What if I reached my full potential?” and working on ways to shed the blanket of fear that keeps the mind dodging away from the answers. I look forward to an ongoing diet of uplifting books such as the Power of the Subconscious Mind (Joseph Murphy PhD), Becoming (Michelle Obama), 21 Lessons for the 21st Century (Yuval Noah Harari), and definitely Start with Why (Simon Sinek)

My hope is that this edition of Catalyst will bring some new thinking and unlock expansive thought for you too, for 2019 promises to be an amazing year – filled with possibility.

In this edition of Catalyst, we tour the country and visit some different attractions and how you can do so while reducing your carbon footprint, and we help you prepare for seasonal dips and spikes. The SAB Foundation released an impact report which highlights the Tholoana Programme and the great things the entrepreneurs on the programme have achieved. It’s a great read!

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Catherine Wijnberg

Fetola CEO