Building the supplier developmentecosystem in Africa

The Business Day Supplier Development Awards are a national initiative by Fetola, who paved the way as founding partners and lead specialists in this landmark initiative.

The three aims for these awards are to build an open, engaged ecosystem that:

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Shines a light on companies that are leading the way in supplier development

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Fosters best practice in the sector through open dialogue and cross-learning

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Encourages collaboration throughout the pipeline

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These awards, conceptualised by Catherine Wijnberg, Fetola CEO and Founder, seek to acknowledge and recognise corporates who go beyond the scorecard, foster learning and build a community of best practice, to encourage a collaborative spirit in industry.

The awards recognise and celebrate companies committed to using supplier development to target unemployment, inequality and poverty, by creating access to markets to grow businesses and generate jobs. They encourage participation to ignite learning, create collaboration opportunities and benchmark best practice, presenting winners with a platform to share their experiences.

The inaugural awards – launched in 2018 – attracted more than 400 entries across diverse industries and have grown in scope and impact. Fetola’s team run the awards which are independently audited by the auditors, BDO. Fetola is responsible for defining the awards categories and entry criteria, and shortlisting the finalists. Catherine Wijnberg, Fetola’s CEO, is the technical lead for the advisory and judging panels, and contributes articles on supply chain thought leadership. Fetola is the main contributor to the annual Benchmark Report and designs and directs the Digital Dialogues which are broadcast on Business Day Live TV. Catherine conceptualised and hosts the Insiders Track webinars which bring corporates and their SMEs together in an exclusive discussion on transformative and inclusive supply chains.

Our Supplier Development Award Partners

By partnering with innovative companies and organisations that share our vision, we’ve been able to multiply our impact.