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Level up your green business

Are you running an innovative green business with proven market potential that’s ready to scale? We have great news for you! J. P. Morgan, Nedbank and Embassy of Finland in partnership with Fetola are seeking 15 entrepreneurs to join an exclusive 6-month business scale-up programme, CEA Khula!

CEA Khula works across South Africa, with resilient and driven entrepreneurs who want to make a success of their business while helping our planet to thrive. Note that while preference will be given to female, youth and persons with a disability this is not a requirement.

CEA Khula cover image

“Scale Your Green Future”

What is it?

A 6-month programme designed to scale-up sustainable, innovative green businesses.


The programme will strengthen entrepreneur leadership skills, improve systems, efficiency and circularity as well as facilitating access to markets and finance.


CEA Khula aims to build profitable green businesses that ultimately contribute to a stronger economy and a better environment – proving that the circular economy makes business sense.

Our Programme Partners

By partnering with innovative companies and organisations that share our vision, we’ve been able to multiply our impact.