It’s a new year. What’s new for you?

This issue is all about innovation and man-oh-man is it jam packed. Get a cup of tea, sit back, and enjoy.

It’s time to kick back and relax – are you ready?

December is here and it's time to get out your cozi, kick back, and relax. This edition of Catalyst will keep you entertained, clued up, and fighting for our environment. We have even included some alternative vacation destinations.
Catalyst 52

Let's create a society that cares

We're looking at mental health awareness, how it affects people, and how they have coped with it. We review Brenè Brown's book Rising Strong, how we can lessen our impact on the environment, and what food insecurity really looks like in South Africa.
Catalyst 51

What does your heritage mean to you?

In this month's issue of Catalyst, we look at South African heritage in all its forms. From Rieldans, being a Keeper of the Kumm to an authentic Khomani San experience - we take you all over South Africa to get a taste of culture and heritage.
Catalyst Issue 50

Seeing red about the pink tax

In this month's issue of Catalyst, we hear from two of our female mentors, get real about loving yourself for who you are, and we get inspiration from a small business owner who is passionate about creating opportunities for women.
Catalyst Issue 49

Soccer tips for your business

This month's issue is packed with tips on how your business can survive the winter months; we review Vusi Thembekwayo’s book, and Fetola's Amanda Dinan takes on Trump!