Incub8Africa Bootcamp

26 May – 28 May 2020


South Africa’s economy is struggling and unemployment rates of 37% are crippling our youth and harming our future. We need urgent solutions to these pressing issues. Despite the excellent results of many individual incubators across South Africa, better collective results are needed if these statistics are to change in our lifetime.

The Incub8Africa Bootcamp is a solution for incubators to scale their expertise, raise their skills, and push each other forward to create real and lasting change.

Bootcamps will cover the following material:

  1. Creating an optimal incubator
  2. Building sustainable funding, ethics, and governance
  3. Identifying, on-boarding and retaining the right candidates
  4. Mastering your Mentors
  5. Mastering the money
  6. Mastering the market