Building Africa’s Green Tech Exchange

Collaborate and create a platform that facilitates innovation, encourages partnership, and connects key Circular Economy and green players to the necessary opportunities, knowledge, finance and resources.


Where we are going to be in one year…


SMEs reached within the first year of launch


SMEs connected with green finance and opportunities


provinces, a
national footprint

On a mission to build

Africa’s green tech sector

SMEs are natural innovators and are at the forefront of Green tech in Africa and globally.  The Green tech exchange is the connector, the ecosystem builder and the matchmaker between Green tech innovations and growth opportunities. Ultimately closing the gap between innovation and finance, providing verified innovators to investors  – enabling expansion among Green tech SMEs!

The platform will:

Identify technology-based innovations that meet organizational needs

Assimilate these interventions into their businesses

Enable improved access to SME expansion finance

Improve long term success of circular economy and Green SMEs

Give SMEs access to other opportunities;

  • Knowledge and skills webinars,
  • Ecosystem, and network building events
  • and, Tools and Resources

Be part of the Green Tech Exchange

Our team will be in contact with you personally to see how we can best collaborate to scale green tech in Africa.

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Our Partners

Old friends and new collaborators

By partnering with innovative companies and organisations that share our vision we’ve been able to multiply our impact.