Our Partners

When one business dreams of change and builds an ecosystem of partners, you can change the world.

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“In today’s system, there is a lack of appreciation, recognition, monetary reward for people who connect others together for economic and social good.  We choose to work differently.”

– Chantal De Kock, General Manager, Fetola

We bring industry and technical partners into our Fetola ecosystem so can we grow together.

Our vision is simple – to help more businesses succeed. In order to do this, we continually look for the best partners to accelerate our impact and scale. We partner with sector specialists, industry leading award providers, individual technical specialists and more.

An ecosystem is a community interacting as a system. Our community creates change. 

Alongside our ecosystem of valued partners, we act as a system. We aim to align with all the South African government’s National Development goals and 8 of the 17 UN goals to create meaningful, long-lasting global and local change. 

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