Catherine’s Weekly Greeting

How to escape the COVID-19 Bermuda Triangle

Cathy's weekly greeting 30/03

Finding the point of calm in the storm will enable you to move from panic to logic and reason, and then creativity and intelligent thinking.

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This is quite a crazy time and feels to me a bit like the Bermuda Triangle, where ships and planes enter and mysteriously disappear!

Personally, my Bermuda Triangle consists of:

Too much information

Addiction to the news feed/WhatsApp groups/emails

Reacting rather than being proactive in my actions.

Today, I made a conscious decision to get back to normality using my regular personal health and well-being activities, and work productivity strategies, which are to:

Limit internet, WhatsApp and social media time. Break the addiction to news and set specific times to deal with incoming emails.

Write a weekly distraction list to get all the concerns, worries and ‘to-do’s’ out of my head and onto paper.

Prioritise this list. Delegate all but the highest value work.

Action the list and return to it (not to email/internet) after each pause.

Lastly, spend the first part of my day on my most important strategic work so that I move myself and the business forward.

When the stress or anxiety levels rise, acknowledge it and use exercise, meditation or other calming activities to break the cycle.

Have a great week, and as always, know that I am here for you and love to hear your wisdom and your feedback.

With kind regards,