Catherine’s Weekly Greeting

Success Is Not Always What You See!

Cathy's weekly greeting 25/05

It’s time to love what is inside us.

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One of the great things about lockdown is the range of WhatsApp groups I am on. One in particular – my “walkie talkies” – is a widely diverse group of avid mountain hikers. I can always rely on them for interesting, thought-provoking, and fun posts. Today’s greeting is inspired by one of them: success is not always what you see!

As you probably know, I am quite averse to the media and generally stay away from social media as it is an addictive distraction and often filled with negative news. You cannot run a successful business with a negative mindset.

Yet I have found that in lockdown it’s almost impossible to stay away from the news, and even though I have managed to break the habit of waking in the middle of the night to scan the news channels and limit my media fix to no more than an hour a day, I still find it very easy to become overwhelmed.

Worse than that, it seems as though everyone else is doing better, bigger, faster, and more incredible things than me. I begin to feel like a complete failure. And that is not a helpful way for anyone to feel.

So, it was with great relief that I saw this cartoon – a reminder that success is not what you see on the outside (social media) but what is often hidden from view. Simply put – that business that is in the media or self-promoting on social media may not be all it is cut out to be.

Lockdown is a time for us to look inward and strengthen our inner vision, polish our dreams – and love ourselves on a personal and business plan. It is a time to read books that resonate – so entrepreneur struggles such as my all-time favourite Shoe Dog by Phil Knight – his delightful story about the early days of Nike, or inspiring stories such as The Choice by Dr. Edith Eiger, who survived the horrific concentration camps and lived to tell us what she learnt about life and hardship.

Mostly though, lockdown is a time to review what success means. Is it the beauty of what is inside – family, friends, sunshine, and laughter – or the false trappings of success in flashy cars, fancy houses, and expensive clothes? It’s a time for reflection.

Wishing you an inspired, honest, and uplifting week, taking stock of your inner successes and giving yourself time to love what you have achieved and who you have become.

With kind regards