The Free Bizly Platform For Entrepreneurs To Succeed

We’re a platform for change.
The Bizly Platform has a wealth of knowledge to offer entrepreneurs, SMEs and anyone looking to start up their own small business.

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The Bizly Platform was created for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs have access  to insightful articles, podcasts, videos and opportunities from across South Africa. 

The purpose of The Bizly Platform is to create social and economic change in South Africa. The only way to do this is through helping to grow sustainable, long-lasting small businesses. Global statistics prove that small businesses are the most significant creator of jobs. 

It is here that self-empowered futures are created.

The Free Bizly Platform Aims To Be:


At Fetola and Bizly we believe that authenticity is the key to being a successful business leader. We'll help you build your confidence and vision to unleash the authentic leader in you. ​


Innovation means embracing tech to go faster and further. We'll help you unlock innovation in your business through easy access to the best tools in the market .


Small businesses can’t thrive without an interconnected ecosystem of partners. We partner with individuals and businesses globally to help you build your ecosystem.