The Social Entrepreneurship Impact Lab™ has one purpose – to equip promising and driven social entrepreneurs with the tools, knowledge and confidence to scale their businesses and create real impact. 

In South Africa, it’s estimated that roughly 3.7 million girls cannot afford sanitary pads. Matefo Morakeng of Bella Legacy established her business to alleviate this pressing social issue and empower women and girls in South Africa and Africa during their sacred time of month. Matefo is passionate about finding working solutions to this very real issue. 

Social Impact

For years the conversation about menstruation has been pushed aside and women and young girls have had to hide their shame and health issues. Matefo’s passion and drive to change this narrative is apparent. Bella Legacy breaks down the stigma around female menstrual health. Without alternatives girls often resort to using dangerous and unhealthy products like newspaper, socks, rags and old t-shirts when their monthly menstruation arrives. This is not only dangerous for their health, but it also impedes their education. Bella Legacy’s Impact Makers Programme encourages women from these communities to volunteer their time to help by educating and empowering young girls. Bella Legacy also works closely with local schools and communities to promote proper menstrual hygiene management. 

Business Journey

Matefo’s vision for Bella Legacy is to provide affordable sanitary pads to low-income earners and schools in poorer communities in South Africa. She joined the Social Entrepreneurship Impact Lab™ in 2019 when her business was still in its infancy. Matefo  joined the programme to seek help to scale her business and increase her impact. 

The SEIL Support

COVID-19 delivered a blow that hit many small businesses hard, but with the support of the SEIL team, Matefo took this opportunity to expand her business. Working closely with her mentor  she began a new strategy to sell her products on large e-commerce sites like Takealot and Loot.  The programme inspired her with confidence and her mentor became her accountability partner encouraging her to reach even higher.. You can now find Bella Legacy sanitary products in select Dischem stores nationwide and Matefo recently entered into a partnership with the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital where the social enterprise will supply sanitary pads to young girls. Now that’s a social enterprise making an impact!  

“The support my mentor provides is amazing. I don’t think I would have been able to approach the pandemic situation we are in if she was not there to hold my hand and assist.” 
Matefo Morakeng
Matefo Morakeng
Owner of Bella Legacy

Programme Impact

During the SEIL programme Bella Legacy signed a contract with Dischem to distribute sanitary products to select stores nationwide and won a large tender with the Western Cape Government to supply sanitary pads to young girls and women in poor communities. This translated into turnover growth of 198% whilst on the programme and has set Bella Legacy up for a journey to greater success.

"The SEIL programme provided amazing support. Not only technical but personal support as well. Like a call just to find out how one is doing. It’s really critical during this time where the environment has required so much change in the mist of uncertainty."
Matefo Morakeng
Matefo Morakeng
Owner of Bella Legacy

198% turnover growth

Partnership with Nelson Mandela Children's hospital

217% profit growth

Took business offerings online

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