Catalyst Issue 49

Soccer can change your life – or at least it can change your thinking.

I read Emine Saner’s interesting article in The Guardian about the psychology behind England’s success. At long last, the era of threats and punishments is being replaced by a culture of praise and encouragement.

These five tips translate well into business, and could be just what you needed to hear today:

  1. Lose your fear of failure. Courage is about overcoming the constant battle between the desire for what we want and the fear of failure. Most of us don’t expose ourselves because we are fearful. Isn’t it far worse never to try, than to try and fail?
  2. Reframe your emotions: you’re not “nervous”, you’re “excited”. A penalty shootout/job interview/important sale is not something to dread, it’s an “opportunity to be excited about.
  3. Focus on the steps to your goal. Positive thinking alone is unhelpful if you’re simply fantasising about receiving an Oscar, winning the World Cup, or living a fuller social life. Instead, focus – positively and clearly – on the individual steps you need to take to reach your goal.
  4. Recognise the individual. Treat your employees, children and customers (and even yourself) as individuals rather than one homogenous group. Different approaches work for different people, and everyone needs to feel “seen”.
  5. Use praise to motivate people. Kindness, listening and empathy will take you further than criticism and barking orders. This applies to self-talk as well.

In this month’s issue of Catalyst Fetola mentor, Simon Kerr, gives some tips and tricks to get your business through the winter months, Amanda Dinan co-authored an article that appeared in Business Day that covers climate change and the  great work that Germany is doing to protect our planet, and we’ve included a Business Development Incubator guide just for you.

The issue also includes an article with tips on how to write a winning Tholoana application and a book review of South African author, Vusi Thembekwayo’s book, Business and Life Lessons From a Black Dragon.