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The Mentor Hotline team would like to say thank you for your support during the Beta Phase! The last seven months has been an incredible journey in which we saw over 850 business onboard for instant business advice.

Mentor Hotline

Did you know that 54% of entrepreneurs rated their Mentor Hotline experience as a 5-star experience?

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Mentor Hotline

“We were assigned to work with a mentor for Leadership & Strategic Planning. And I’m lost for words really. What a wonderful journey with my mentor. With confidence, indeed, I’m a driven women with a different mindset & I’m proud to claim that.”

Pelisa MpumlwanaLISA’S BOX

“Laurie answered queries I hadn’t even asked and he was excited! It’s a great system – I would rate him a 10!!!”

MphoMentee on Mentor Hotline

“It was much simpler than I thought it would be. Up to now, mentors have been helpful, it’s informative and applicable and has assisted a lot to identify gaps for growth. I have learned a lot from different service providers – consultants and accountants… the concept Fetola is not just a name but changed my way of doing”

NontinamMentee on Mentor Hotline

“The platform is very helpful, eye opener and the high level of engagement with the mentors. So grateful to be part of this amazing platform.”

GloriaMentee on Mentor Hotline

I mentored Jaenette and unknown to me at the time she is an Ed practitioner, mentors and facilitator herself. I got the following feedback from her: “He focused on entry questions separately which gave me a better understanding of what I must do and the steps I must follow. He referred me to the relevant departments and sent me guidelines on how to go about the things I need in my business. The knowledge he gave me will help me in the business as well as I am an enterprise development practitioner. I’s be able to advise or refer entrepreneurs as well”

MentorMentor on Mentor Hotline

“Continue doing the amazing work that you do”

MbuleloMentee on Mentor Hotline

More About Mentor Hotline

  • Mentor Hotline is free for the first 3 hours
  • Mentors have extensive business experience in a wide range of sectors
  • Mentor Hotline is administered by Fetola who have 14 years’ experience in building business that last
  • Supported by FNB as part of their COVID-19 response to support SMEs in South Africa

Who are the mentors?

Mentor Hotline


These industry experts have raised their hand to volunteer their time and expertise to assist SMEs during COVID-19.

Mentor Hotline

Industry Experts

Mentor Hotline mentors are industry experts from around South Africa, including financial experts from SAICA and ABASA.

Mentor Hotline

Advice on multiple topics

Get instant business advice on everything ranging from Leadership, Change Management, Finance and Accounting right down to Compliance and Legislation.