Circular economy Ecosystem​

We are collaborating across the industry to invest in South Africa’s transition to a more sustainable, low-carbon economy

We share a vision for a circular economy: a truly sustainable future that works without waste in symbiosis with our environment and resources. 

We are working towards a future where every product is designed for multiple cycles of use and different material or manufacturing cycles are carefully aligned, so the output of one process always feeds the input of another.

Our circular economy approach


We are building our ecosystem of partners to accelerate sustainable impact for the businesses we help. This ensures that we invest for good and build environmentally-friendly supply chains.

Impact Driven​

The circular economy has numerous opportunities for job creation and boosting the economy while adding measurable improvements in sustainability for South Africa.

Open Source​

The most effective way to build a circular economy is through an open ecosystem with cross-industry collaboration, more transparency and more open standards.

Award-winning examples of how we’re helping to create change


GROUNDSWELL, launched with seed-funding from J.P.Morgan, is a tailored business acceleration programme for entrepreneurs who are passionate about bringing critical solutions for today’s environmental challenges. The programme is designed to create collaboration between entrepreneurs, technical agencies, corporates and sources of capital.

#JustAddGreen Programme

The JP Morgan JustAddGreen or #JAG Programme supported the growth of 21 small businesses who had a focus on sustainability and job creation. At the end of the programme the businesses on the programme created and sustained 88 full-time jobs and created 81 part-time jobs.