Thabo Ntswane
South Africa’s unemployment rate is one of the highest in the world and the SAB Foundation is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and create jobs with the Tholoana Enterprise Programme implemented by Fetola. Bridgit Evans, Director of the SAB Foundation is passionate about growing the Tholoana Programme and the participants on the programme.

In the report, Evans explained that in order for the SAB Foundation to effectively plan for the future, they needed to understand what has been achieved over the years. For this reason, they commissioned experts to analyse the impact the Tholoana Enterprise Programme had on the participants that were on the programme between 2015 – 2017.

Some key findings:

SAB Foundation Impact Report

One of the most notable findings from the impact report was that since participation in the Tholoana Enterprise Programme there has been a marked decline in the entrepreneurs’ experience of various poverty indicators such as access to food, fuel, electricity, and shelter.
There has been a significant increase in entrepreneurs who received a regular cash income amounting to 50% in the 2015 group and 41% in the 2016 group.
The Tholoana participants now employ  1336 people, an increase of 162 jobs created. 51% of the participants solely obtain an income from their business and 76% reported that their current financial and strategic position was either better or much better due to an increase in client base revenue.
Majority of the entrepreneurs on the programme earn between R20 000 and R250 000 a month in revenue. There was an increase in revenue for both the 2015 and 2016 participants. This result is encouraging and an indication that the SAB Foundation’s investment is having a positive effect. Overall turnover has increased by 18% from R164 million to R194 million per annum.
These are just a few of the findings from the report. To read more about the programme, click here.

Download the SAB Foundation Tholoana Impact Report here.