Catalyst Issue 48

Recently I was facilitating a finance workshop with 40 young entrepreneurs in the SAB Foundation Tholoana Programme when the question of jealousy came up.

We spoke about how, in some communities and families, money is a hidden topic because of the feelings of jealousy it stimulates. Participants shared stories of the jealousy that their own success creates and how this made them fearful of their own success.

But when I asked the question: “So are you also jealous of others?” the response was an embarrassed silence.

Jealousy is a handbrake to growth. It is the cancer that eats at those who have, and those who have not. It is rife in South Africa and holds whole communities in chains.

Overcoming jealousy starts with the practice of actively congratulating all those around us when they succeed. Be the one who claps and cheers the loudest when our friends – and opponents – win. This opens your heart and welcomes the energy of success into your own space. As you shine a light on them, you will notice how this freedom to win expands to include you as well.

There is no place for jealousy in the hearts of those who are destined to succeed.

In this issue we focus on the youth of South Africa and the many obstacles that they face in building their future. Our mentor, Nomvuyo Bengane talks about the fear of money and that it could be holding you back.

We feature youth enterprise development programmes that are aimed at building the youth in South Africa, the new SAB Foundation Tholoana Programme call that is just around the corner, how to build a strong and transformed supply chain and an inspiring story from SAB Foundation Tholoana Programme participant, Thabiso Mncwabe. You don’t want to miss this youth packed issue!