ABSA Supplier Development Awards

The ABSA Supplier Development Awards have come and gone, but they are still fresh in our minds. The awards celebrated big businesses making a big impact with their supply chain initiatives and programmes. From big players like Massmart who were the overall winners to amazing companies like Hatch Africa who all play a part in the development of small businesses in South Africa.

The idea behind the awards is to acknowledge those big businesses who give small business owners the support they need, to help them develop and get them ready because no one is perfect straight away and sometimes not even in the first year. Supply chain development opens the economy up to small, diverse businesses with the main objective being to grow local economies.

When big businesses work together with small businesses, that diversity will boost the overall growth of the economy – the potential driven from supplier development is tremendous. Big businesses know that if they have strong suppliers that their chances of success are guaranteed.


Listen to big businesses talk about why supply chain development is important to them: